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Terms & Conditions

By registering an account with BETMAN8 ONLINE CASINO MALAYSIA , you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions applicable to our gaming products. Please read carefully as player takes the responsibility of knowing and understanding them.

1. Max bet per spin RM50
2. WITHDRAWAL subjected to maximum payout of x10 from initial deposit 
    EG: Deposit RM20 , win RM500 will only payout  RM200 (More above amount will be forfeited)
3. Deposit below RM300 won't be able to claim JACKPOT.
4. All bonus are not allowed to play arcade/table/huntfish.

5. Maximum winnings RM10000 daily. Arcade/Table/Huntfish maximum winnings RM5000 daily.
6. Player who bet against rules stated, all winnings will be forfeited.
7. BETMAN8 ONLINE CASINO MALAYSIA reserve the rights to modify or terminate the terms without any notice given

    ***BANNED GAMES*** 

     Online Gaming - ALL

    Arcade - Thunderbolt, King Derby, Motorbike, Ocean King